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An atelier system is much more than a mentoring system. In an Atelier; the master mentor actively participates in the journeys of the mentees. Limen Leap Labs is India’s first atelier system for IT startups. Our Labs tackle intricate IT issues and produce valuable intellectual properties (IPR). We help launch other IT startups who would use the IPR we have.

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In an "atelier", a mentor participates in the journeys of the mentees. Limen Leap Labs is India's 1st atelier system for IT startups. We share not just knowledge. We share our IPR too to deserving Indians! The posts here are all about startups from India


Architect. Software nerd. Founder of Limen Leap Labs -- on a mission to mentor startups by handing over our IPR to groups of enterprising Indians Developed one of the oldest architecture design software; TAD (teamtad.com)